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Your success story: what’s your definition of success?

When it comes to success, we all have a different meaning of it in our own lives. And we all want to have something in our lives that make us a success. It could be being a parent, having a certain home, boasting a certain dollar amount in savings or a pursing career that we love.

That certain thing that makes you feel like a great success can also make you feel incredibly unsuccessful. And I think this happens when we put caveats on our success. We will be successful when something happens that isn’t happening now.

“I’ll be a successful at my job when I get the next promotion…”

“I’ll have a successful home life when I buy my next house in a better area…”

“My parenting will be a true success when my kid gets the lead in the school play…”

Any of these sound familiar? So many of us lose sight of the lives are living and the successes we are achieving at that very moment because we’re too busy chasing after the next success. And this is the same mentality we have with money.

“I’m not really a successful investor until I’ve made X amount.”

Sometimes, our negativity about the situation is more subtle. But still there.

“I just started saving, so hopefully a year from now I’ll have the amount I want in the bank.”

Translation: I’m not a good enough until something more happens.

Do you tell yourself variations of these statements? These negative reinforcements about the positive steps we’re taking in our successful lives undermine our hard work. Instead of celebrating what we’re creating – and consistently creating positive change in our lives does makes us successful – we disregard where we’re at in hopes of being better.

Striving for more is an excellent trait. Disregarding our current success as “not good enough” because we’re not where we want to be isn’t. It’s time to reevaluate our idea of what success really looks like in our lives. Instead of viewing success as a far-away process, look at it as a right-now goal. Choose to empower yourself instead of undermining your progress.

Choosing to be successful right now is empowering. Celebrating your current successes while pursuing future ones is empowering. Cheering on others as they walk in their success journeys is empowering.

So, what’s your definition of success?

Think about the things in your life that would make you feel successful right now and the things that think will make you more success in the future. Then write down three things you tell yourself that undermine the success you have right now.

When you’re ready, write down three counter statements that reinforce the positive actions you’re taking in your life. Remember, success is an everyday process. Celebrating each positive thing you’re doing in your life is a success in and of itself.

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