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Your success story: visualize and position yourself for success

Last week, I talked about what your definition of success was. I went over things we tell ourselves about our success (like how we won’t be successful until something specific happens), and I challenged you to act.

You wrote down three things you tell yourself that undermine the success you have right now, and then you wrote down three counterstatements that reinforced the positive actions you’re taking in your life.

Hopefully, you gained some insight into the way you think about yourself and your accomplishments. This week, I want you to continue on that momentum of reworking your thought patterns of success by doing two things: visualizing and positioning.

Visualize your ideal life

We all have our idea of success; many successes are ones we can celebrate right away (being a parent, building a career, going to the gym, etc.) while others are ones we need to work towards each day. Instead  choose to shift those dreams into your reality. Take the word “dream” out of the equation for a moment and think about what your ideal life would look like. Maybe your financial goals are at the center of your professional pursuits right now, and owning a home is the pinnacle of that. So what does a day in your life look like when you are working towards owning your home and setting yourself up for an abundant financial future?  Remember: Bite size pieces.

Instead of “dreaming” about the things you want, start visualizing what your life would look like if you already had them. Think about the things you need to do each day to maintain your dream – your ideal. Once you’ve established how your life would look if you were living your dream, you should then begin to position yourself.

Position yourself for your desired  future

Many of us associate dreams with things that are unattainable which is why I want you to start thinking in terms of reachable goals. And to attain those goals – your ideal life – you need to position yourself mentally, physically, verbally and emotionally. What does that entail? A part of it is something we discussed last week about you not undermining the success you’ve already created. This stems in being good to you. Remember: Self love.

Empowering yourself gets you further than belittling yourself; instead of saying you can’t have your big dream, design a plan with attainable steps that allow you to move closer to it each day. If your goal is to own that “dream home”, you know you need a down payment. Instead of viewing it as $50,000 you don’t have, consider it $300 a month you do have to put towards that big number.

You are exactly where you are at- embrace it

And that’s the takeaway in all of this. You have all the tools you need to get to the places you want to go. It’s just a matter of devoting your time and energy to what you have right now, and letting go of what you don’t have just yet.

Success is truly a journey, not a destination; it takes work to both achieve the things you aspire to have and to maintain them once they’re a part of your ideal life. As difficult as it is to remember sometimes, always keep in mind that the things you want in life are attainable. Most of the things you dream about are just a series of steps – of mini destinations – away. Choose it!

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