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Your ideal life: picture what you want

You daydream about it at work. You long for it while you’re stuck in traffic. You think about it when you’re doing mundane everyday activities.

I’m talking about your ideal life. It’s the life you’d be living if (fill in the blank) wasn’t in the way. We all have reasons as to why we can’t live the life of our dreams. Your job. Your relationship. Your friends might judge you. Your family might judge you harsher.

And, of course, money. If I had to guess, I’d bet that the majority of your decisions came down to money. Money is always the hot topic, and the big excuse. But if money wasn’t an object, you’d probably give one of your big dreams a try.

So, what do you dream of?

Owning a business. Designing your own day. Spending more time with your kids. Creating a product that makes peoples’ lives easier. When you dream of your ideal life, do you put the reigns on where your mind goes because of money? Heck no! These are dreams; they have no barriers. Unfortunately, we’ve been taught that dreams are these unattainable things that only exist in our imagination. But goals? Those are real. And that brings me to a great quote:

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Dreaming about your ideal life is fun; those dreams bring happiness to the dull moments in our daily lives. But instead of just idly dreaming why not pick a dream, give it a deadline and call it a goal?

For me, owning a business was a dream…until it became my goal. And now I have designed a life that I love to live. I am secure personally, professionally and financially; all of that is because I chose to turn my dreams into goals.

I realize there is a lot of fear surrounding dreams – even a little bit surrounding goals – and that’s okay. Don’t let any fear – especially ones associated with your finances – stop you from going after your ideal life. When you set the intention to give your dreams a deadline, you are opening yourself to so many possibilities. Picturing the life you want becomes more than just a way to pass time; it turns into a road map to the life of your dreams.

Action step

This week, I want you to consider what you truly want. Picture it. Visualize what a day, a week and a month in your ideal life looks like. If you’re not sure where to start, tap into your dreams. A few of them may be over-the-top, but the essence is based in realism.

Once you’ve got the image in your head, write it down. Be descriptive; spell out everything from the most obvious to the tiniest details. Picturing what you want is more than just an exercise in setting goals. It’s an opening to a new life: your ideal life.

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