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Your financial upbringing (part 4): overcome your past to shine in your future

This past month, we’ve spent our time reconnecting with our childhood experiences. While your children were dealing with trigonometry and sports tryouts, you went through your own “back to school” journey through examining your youth. What did you find out about yourself?

During the first week of September, we reflected on the different situations presented to us as children, and how we reacted to them both as youngsters and as adults. We thought about how we felt during the different stages of our youth, and we journaled about how we spent our money.

In week two, we began to rewire our subconscious by confronting our negative feelings instead of running away from them. We accepted that some of our childhood experiences shaped us in a negative way, and we came up with ways to counter those negative feelings with positive thoughts and actions.

And last week, we brought our childhood dreams back to the surface. We remembered what we dreamt about, both career- and life-wise, during our childhoods. We reconnected with our childhood enthusiasm about impossible goals.

What you found these last three weeks has taken you through quite a journey. Your nostalgia from heart-warming experiences were just as telling as those moments that made you shed a few tears. You opened up old wounds, but you didn’t allow them to destroy you like they may have in the past.

What you just experienced is something that many people find too overwhelming. It’s hard to go back in time and relive those moments and feelings that you buried deep inside of you. So for this final week of September, we only have one thing left to do: act. Action trumps everything. What you just went through these past three weeks was the primer for this moment. Now, it’s time to take the first step.

Go through your notes, your memories, and your emotional bank. You know what you have to do to take step one. Don’t be daunted by how far you have to go. Remember, big dreams wouldn’t be in your heart space if you were not capable of achieving them. Nothing can stop you if you put your mind to it. So tell me, what is your first step?

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