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There is a saying that “Childhood is Short, but its effects last a lifetime”.  Our mothers taught us a lot about money, as did theirs.  Often times, our mothers were decision makers on the day- to- day spending that went on in our households.  We watched body language,  fear,  excitement,  discussions and sometimes arguments our parents/caregivers had about the direction of cash flow in our families.
Saver? Spender? Hoarder?  There are several different financial personality types that your mother may have been, and in turn, you have either become or rebelled against them.

Growing up without much in an Irish-Catholic household of 12 children,  early on you are forced to learn a lot about money.  I observed my parents seeing money as a burden and  I felt a need to turn a blind eye to my own needs in order to contribute to the greater good of the family.  After many years of trying to rebel against what I learned in my childhood about money,  I made a conscious decision to redesign my money behavior.  I put into place a financial reality based on who I am and where I am going.

Just because your financial upbringing may have determined your initial financial personality, you still have the personal power to redesign what your fiscal future looks like and choose to change.
I challenge you to honor those inherited beliefs, acknowledge them, and then find your own way to financial abundance.