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Your financial personality: becoming an attractor

Last week, I shared with you the different types of financial personalities. From hoarders to planners to carefree butterflies and everything in between, I think we all fall into one or more of the categories at any given time.

 Your financial personality

Hopefully you got a chance to write down the traits you see in yourself that fall into the different financial personalities. And if you were totally honest, you probably saw some traits that you didn’t like.


Maybe the controller in you comes out when you’re dining with friends, causing you to be overzealous with dividing up the bill. Or your inner planner stops you from doing something you really want to do for fear of the financial repercussions. Falling into one or more of the financial personalities I mentioned in last week’s post is common. But it’s how you react to those feelings that makes the true difference in your life and your bank account.

 So what’s stopping you from letting go from those anxieties associated with your money? You are allowing the fears you face to control your actions. In other words, you have turned yourself into a victim. A victim of your circumstances. A victim of your worries. A victim of your money woes.

 Your turning point

There is one final financial personality that I want to talk about. People with this personality are successful without really trying. They profit from the ventures they set their minds to and are open to the flow of giving and receiving in life. And their relationship with money is healthy.

These people are called attractors. Attractors are not victims of their circumstance; they are connected to their money with being anxious or insecure about it. They aren’t afraid, ashamed or angry, the way the many victims are.

 Becoming an attractor

Mary Ann Daly, a gifted psychologist, says that to recover from a personal tragedy, we move from feeling like victims to survivors to thrivers. You already know how it feels to be a victim, and you’re ready to move on. Being a survivor means feeling hopeful and motivated while still feeling some instability. And being a thriver means handling any situation with confidence and acceptance.  

Being an attractor means letting go of those fears hindering you from attracting the things you want. Start catching yourself when you feel the negative self talk coming on. When you feel afraid, do something positive for yourself or someone else. Remember, attractors don’t let fear cripple them.

When you handle change with confidence, and you stop allowing your money fears stop you from living the life of your dreams, you improve your financial personality and you become an attractor.



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