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I am a firm believer in inner transformation being the foundation for external wealth. So much of the things that we do every day are ingrained in our subconscious; they’re habits we didn’t even mean to pick up along the way. So what happens when those habits begin to have a negative effect on our lives? That’s when the financial dark side kicks in.

What is your financial dark side?

It’s different for everyone, but there is one common thread: how it makes us feel about money and ourselves. Your financial dark side’s job is to fly in the face of compassion and open-mindedness. It is based in fear and distorts truths.

In short, your financial dark side is the source of all unhealthy financial behavior.

 Many of us have certain beliefs about money, and, for the most part, those beliefs aren’t true. How often do you tell yourself that more money will buy you love? Or do you think that a higher salary will buy you freedom? Maybe you think that money validates you; it defines your success or failure.

Money makes you happy.

These are all the result of your financial dark side. Are any of those statements based in proven truths? No. Yet we continue to invest so much into our finances (and the decisions we make about them), that we’ve convinced ourselves otherwise.

What does your financial dark side look like? Only you can answer that because we all deal with our money fears in our own ways. Just know that negative feelings and thoughts lead to counteractive actions. And your financial dark side leads to poor money decisions coming from a place of anxiety – when was the last time a reactive choice made any true financial gains in your life?

Figuring out how your financial dark side manifests itself into your everyday life is the first step in changing your financial behavior in a positive way. Committing yourself to inner transformation is the only way to build true, long-term outer wealth. Starting with the negative things you tell yourself about money – your financial dark side – will get you on course for that transformational change.

This week, commit yourself to cracking your financial dark side wide open. Delve into your beliefs about your finances and money in general. Maybe you truly believe money will bring you happiness, or you think it’s the root of all evil. Whatever it is, face those beliefs with openness and honesty. When you tackle your financial dark side and the negative feelings it feeds off of, you can take the next steps towards real wealth.

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  • Katy Song says:

    Right in time for the holiday season! I completely agree that you need to understand how you behave with money, accept it and move on to a healthy way of using money as a resource. Habits, great marketing and mindless spending can derail the most diligent person during the holiday season. This is a great exercise to ensure you don’t go that route.

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