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How often do you say the phrase “must be nice” when referring to another person’s good fortune? We are spectators in other people’s lives, only seeing exactly what they want us to see. And for many people, what we see is a person who is lucky. Their boss is always asking them to lunch. The PTA always takes their opinion into account when making decisions. Or, how did they just decide to open up a business and it became immediately successful?

Luck. Of course. Some people are just lucky.I have a slightly different take this. I don’t believe in pure luck. Sure, some people truly do just happen to be in the right place at the right time when the stars are aligned. But for the most part, ‘luck’ is a strategy for success. What do I mean by that? I mean that the luckiest people you will ever come across are the ones who positioned themselves to be that way.

Lucky people get promotions quicker because they knew building a solid network at work is a hard and fast rule of climbing the corporate ladder. The doors of opportunity seem to constantly swing open for the lucky ones because they got involved in the things they were interested in and consistently contributed to the community. They spent the time to get to know the decision-makers in the PTA, and they formed relationships with entrepreneurs in the area to get their business off the ground so quickly.

So how do you do what they did? How do you set yourself for success before opening the doors to your goals? The biggest thing to remember is to keep going. Keep laying the groundwork for your business idea. Keep going to the gym and eating healthy for your weight loss goals. Keep meeting people in the industry you want to be in. Keep contributing to your desired community any way you can. Just keep going.

Don’t allow the stress – especially the stress associated with this time of year – get you off track. Success isn’t a destination; it’s a choice you make every day to chip away at your goals. Yes, founders of billion-dollar companies are successful. But so is the woman down the street who paints a little bit every day so she can hone her craft. And so is the college student working nights and weekends to pay rent and tuition. Those people are choosing, every day, to do something to better themselves.

When it comes to you in your life, trust the work you’ve been doing towards your goals and know that the work is setting you up to take everything to the next level. Your time is coming, and it is divine. It’s your job to make sure you are up for the task.

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