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Who is Keeping You Off Track?

By March 3, 2010Books and CD's

By now you should be all too aware that it isn’t just what is holding you back, it’s who, and some can be your nearest and dearest. What you may also not be willing to see yet is that the biggest crab in your bucket may be you!

Family, Co-Workers, Employer I hate to say it, but family members can be big crabs. They want you to live the life they have envisioned for you. I can’t tell you how many people I counsel who are in their fifties and still trying to please parents who are in their eighties! Do you have to wait until your parents are dead to decide that you want a different life? No way! Don’t let other people’s fears put limits on your desires. It’s your choice whether you’re going to let them do that or not.

If you employer isn’t on the same page you are, that can also derail the fulfillment of your dreams. I recently gave a seminar at a wonderfully progressive advertising agency. I was amazed to find out how well this company had aligned its corporate goals with those of its employees by using a team approach. This company has an annual profit-sharing plan that’s paid in cash — which, by the way, very few companies do today. This is really smart. Why? What do most employees want? You got it, cash! The company also takes a more holistic approach to employee performance. Each month, management hosts a “Lunch and Learn” seminar to help employees deal with personal, career, family and financial issues. A successful company is one in which everyone has a stake from top to bottom, and bottom to the top. I believe companies that add value to their employees’ lives will also, in the long run be far more profitable than their counterparts.

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