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Our lives are full of choices. What to eat. Where to work. How to feel at any given moment. Several times a day, we are blessed with an option. The choices we make each moment are essentially intentions we set for our future – immediate, short- and long-term.

You may think that just choosing to change isn’t that big of a deal. In your mind, you’re saying choosing to create wealth won’t pay off your credit card debt or send your children to college. It won’t allow you to work less hours on your job or afford you more time to spend with your children or grandchildren.

You’re wrong.

Choosing to change resets your intentions. You now have a goal, and every aspect of your life has to fall in line with it. By setting intentions and applying practical action to them, you have the power to shift your reality. You can see positive change happen in your life right before your eyes. Your energy flows where your energy goes.

So today, tomorrow or next week when you are faced with yet another choice – big or small – choose the path that reinforces your intentions. Look for the option that will net you the results you want both in the short and long term. And take the road leading towards your goals, your dreams and desires.

What will you choose?

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