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What Employers Need To Know about 401(k) education

Here’s an interesting tidbit: When the markets declined in 2000, 2001, and 2002 the most common lawsuits against employers were claims about the lack of education on 401(k) plans.  A number of companies will now have a finance professional come in to educate staff members on their 401(k) money.  From an HR perspective, this can be an added benefit you offer your employees.


  • Julie on the one hand I agree that increased education for 401(k) participants is a good thing. As a financial advisor to a number of plans I have delivered a fair amount of educational sessions over the years. On the other hand, I think this type of education falls short in many cases. People are well-intentioned, but don’t always follow through. I am convinced that direct participant advice from a fee-only unconflicted advisor is the best route for most participants. This is a good option for the sponsor company as well.

  • Julie Murphy Casserly says:

    Thank you for the feedback Roger. I agree that the education needs to be collaborative and not solely the responsibility of the company. Thanks again for reading!

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