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We live in a “go go go!” world and often don’t get much time to slow down. But our propensity to take advantage of this 24-7 lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to has be at the detriment of our health, happiness and sanity. We rarely sit in silence and listen to what’s going on with us – our bodies, our minds, our spirits. Maybe it’s time to connect with the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

We all need time to reflect, and I’m not just talking about on what everyone else in your life needs. Yes, your kids need you to root them on at their soccer game. Your aging parents need you to be there at that important doctor’s appointment. And your friends need you for moral and emotional support that only you can give them.

But what about you? We often place other people’s wants before our own needs. Consistently placing others before ourselves only sets us up for burnout. You can’t truly help anyone if your own tank is on empty.

Maybe this has something to do with all those ailments you’re experiencing. I’ve noticed in my own financial practice that most people who are out of alignment have some sort of physical sign alerting them. Whether it be cancer, excess weight, migraines or lower back pain, the majority of the physical ailments we experience can be traced back to a specific need we aren’t fulfilling for ourselves.

We rarely listen to our bodies in an authentic way. There are many hacks on fixing problems quickly. Got a headache? Take an aspirin! Tired? A few shots of espresso will do the trick. No time for lunch? Head to the nearest fast food place. These aren’t solutions; they’re cover-ups. We reach for the quick fixes to save time; unfortunately, it’s at the expense of our health.

Action step

It’s time to reconnect with our bodies. Don’t just mask issues with whatever you can get your hands on the fastest. When you experience those little aches and pains, don’t rush to cover them up. Stop and listen. Maybe you’re dehydrated or need a recharge. Numbing your symptoms will only work for so long before burnout sets in. Instead of letting it get that far, be proactive and start to disconnect from the things you know aren’t helping to heal you.

I know it’s difficult for us to unplug. Silence is uncomfortable, and stepping away from our iPhone’s (even for a few minutes) can seem unreasonable. But spend time over the next week taking a step back. Turn off the television, put away your electronics and find a few moments to meditate. Taking care of you will help you see what you truly need to feel and perform your best.

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