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These days it’s easy to feel like the time-challenged rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. We’re all running to and fro, complaining about how late we are and how little time we have — yet we all have the same 24/7. Isn’t it peculiar that something as nebulous as time has such a stronghold on the civilized world? For many of us, it seems like there’s hardly a minute in the day to eat or rest, let alone balance the checkbook, right? Well, part of what’s so appealing about the wealth-building process I recommend is that once you’re up and running, it requires little time and effort on your part. I’ve also found tremendous value in making time for meditation. Interestingly enough, the more time I devote to it, the calmer I am. This, in turn, makes me more productive, leaving me more free moments throughout my day. Keep in mind though, that meditation can be many things to many people. Meditation can be running on a treadmill; it can be talking a walk around the neighborhood, watching the sunset, praying or using a mantra. All it really means is taking time to calm your mind so you can connect with your soul. Soaking in a bubble bath with no distractions can also work!

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