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We all come to crossroads in our lives when we feel conflicted or even lost amidst many good or bad choices. We’re all constantly trying to make the best decisions for our present and future. But sometimes our past creeps back up on us, and it leaves us confused and a little scared of what could possibly happen in the new life we’re trying to create for ourselves.

Maybe you’ve started working towards your goal, but have gotten sidetracked. You took a few steps, made some huge headway, and saw that things started to move in the direction you wanted them to go.

You saw the beginning stages of your goal becoming a reality. But then something happened that you weren’t expecting. A setback. A small mistake. Or an intimidating moment in your new reality that you weren’t expecting to face so soon.

So you stopped; you put on the brakes because things were changing too quickly. Your friends were making comments about how different you were. You boss started treating you differently. You family was commenting on how much even the way you speak has changed.

And it scared you. You were afraid of losing your friends, your job or any of the other comfortable relationships you built over the years. And although stopping may have made you feel comfortable in your old life, it’s pulled the reins on your new one.

But now that you’ve stopped making forward progress and find yourself in this halt, you want to get back into the swing of things with your big goal. And you’re having trouble figuring out where to restart your journey.

Do one thing. Just one, and do it today. Right now, even. And that’s it.

Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is saying, and don’t give those lingering doubts any time to fester. Those people making negative comments about your positive change are just the crabs in your bucket trying to pull you back down to their level. And all you need to do to reassure yourself that you are on the right path is one thing.

Action step

Do one thing today that’s in line with your goals. Send that email to a potential mentor to add to your personal board of directors. Make that phone call inquiring about that new job. Open up that savings account for your around-the-world trip and put $10 in it.

Don’t contemplate; just do. Let yourself off the hook for being afraid or intimidated of what could possibly happen. Any positive movement towards your goals is a step in the right direction. It only takes one thing to get back on track.

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