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Three Steps to Financial Healing

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Financial healing is a three step process.  It begins by unplugging from the outside world and focusing inside on your authentic self-your core values, beliefs, unique abilities and sense of purpose.  The next step is to define your own personal dreams and desires, to determine what you’re passionate about, which is necessary to get what you really want out of life.  Finally, you must devise a Personal Navigation Route.  This is the life plan that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Eastern Wisdom and Personal Finance?

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You are probably thinking” What could these two subjects possibly have in common?”  Over the course of several years, I have studied Ayurveda and have incorporated this Eastern philosophy in my everyday and business life.  This Eastern Philosophy resonated with me on a whole new level and I have become more aware of how things you process emotionally can manifest into physical ailments.

Without a doubt this impacts your financial life.  The cycle of constant struggle between earn cash so you can keep spending will take its toll physically.  The stress of this cycle on our mind and body is significant and can manifest into weight gain, heart problems, and depression, to name a few.

When you’re using acquisition as a form of happiness sooner or later that happiness will fade.

Reframing Negatives into Positives

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The power of intention is great and life is short.  Focus on the can instead of can’t, will instead of won’t, and you’ll be s lot closer to your ideal life.  Here are some examples that you can manifest in your own lives:

• I can’t afford that…I will start saving for that
• I don’t know where to start…I will create a plan
• I’ll never get out of debt…I choose to get out of debt
• This is just the way it is…I know things will be different
• I don’t make enough to save enough…Every little bit of savings helps.

Choose a different outlook on life and watch what happens!