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Chicago financial planner Archives - Page 2 of 5 - Julie Murphy Casserly

Trick or treat? What you’re really doing with your finances

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We’ve all been here. We get discouraged when we have to start squirreling away money. We forget that change – real, long-term change – takes more than just a few weeks of work. We get tired or frustrated. We quit, get back on the wagon, and then quit again. But instead of just accepting what we’re doing at face value, we attempt to justify our actions. Or even emphasize the silver lining, completely overlooking the financial sabotage.

Does this sound like you? I’m not accusing you of being weak or frail because permanent behavioral shifts are incredibly difficult to manage, which is why most people fail.

Since Halloween is a few short days away, I wanted you to start thinking about your finances in a different way: trick or treat. But we’re not exactly talking about the money; we’re delving into the behavior. Let’s start by Read More

Your financial upbringing (part 4): overcome your past to shine in your future

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This past month, we’ve spent our time reconnecting with our childhood experiences. While your children were dealing with trigonometry and sports tryouts, you went through your own “back to school” journey through examining your youth. What did you find out about yourself?

During the first week of September, we reflected on the different situations presented to us as children, and how we reacted to them both as youngsters and as adults. We thought about how we felt during the different stages of our youth, and we journaled about how we spent our money.

In week two, we began to rewire our subconscious by confronting our negative feelings instead of running away from them. We accepted that some of our childhood experiences Read More

Your financial upbringing (part 2): rewiring your subconscious

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Last week, we talked about how specific experiences in our childhood have shaped our relationship with money. This week, I want to focus on retraining your subconscious. You want to break away from those inherited beliefs so you can eliminate the roadblocks to your financial success.

I closed my last blog post with a reflection exercise where you wrote down the different experiences and situations you were in during your childhood. What were some of the things Read More

Bumps in the road: three ways to deal with a bad day

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No matter how confident and self-assured you may feel, you may be faced with the dreaded “bad day” every once in a while. And how you deal with a bad day can be pretty destructive: overeating, snapping on those closest to you or crawling into a shell and internalizing everything.

Or maybe you use your bad day as an excuse to indulge in a shopping spree and, in the process, a financial breakdown.  You rationalize your excessive spending by telling yourself that your dreams Read More