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Surrender To Yourself

By September 15, 2014Blog

blog-imageAs parents, spouses, professionals, friends, caregivers and whatever other titles we have collected throughout our lives, it’s very easy to spread ourselves thin. We have responsibilities to so many others and often neglect ourselves. And not just in the physical or emotional sense. Mentally, we lose a lot of who we are because we’re so busy being so much for so many other people.

When we allow ourselves to be overrun by the business of everyday life – taking the kids to soccer practice, lending a shoulder to cry on for our friend over drinks, maintaining our heathy marriage – our authentic selves get put on the back-burner. Who has time to go after what they really want when there are so many things that need to get done? Not you!

But that’s not true. You – with all your responsibilities, obligations and burdens – are in the perfect position to embrace the greatness within you, even if you don’t feel that you have enough time to better yourself. How do you do that? By giving up a little bit of that control factor. Yes, you have 30 things to do and not enough time to do half of them. But the beauty of letting go of that control is that you will conquer what you can do while accepting what you can’t. And you won’t beat yourself up over what doesn’t get done either.

Action step

Relinquishing control is difficult at first, but it’s a necessary step in surrendering to your greatness. For the next few weeks, work on changing the little things you tell yourself that keep you from being the best you. Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself what you need to fix? Instead, look in the mirror and accept your individual and unique beauty. Constantly bashing your cooking? Figure out five new ways to make your favorite dish and have a dinner party to show off your work.

This process may be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. You will have moments when you don’t feel like speaking positively of yourself. Or when you don’t want to celebrate your small wins because they aren’t as grand as you wanted them to be. But these moments are the ones that are going to make it easier to surrender to your authentic self in the long run. Without change, there is no growth. Dedicate yourself to the painful, challenging, difficult and spectacularly beautiful process of embracing the authentically amazing human being you are; and wealth in all forms will flow freely into your life.

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