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Oftentimes, we find ourselves trapped in place by whatever obstacles are in our way. Fear. Insecurity. Money (more specifically, lack thereof). Time. The crabs in our bucket. And we allow those outside factors to dictate our lives and force us into a constant state of inaction. Why bother going after those big dreams when you have so much debt? Who would consider you enough of an expert to be a nation-wide public speaker anyway? How can you possibly start a business when you’re overwhelmed with the current job you have?

There is, however, a silver lining to obstacles; they can show us that we maybe need to shift either our path or our goals. And these aren’t bad things. I’m not telling you to completely dump the idea of starting a business or buying your dream house. But what I am telling you is that there are several ways to make those things a reality.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that had a specific goal in mind, worked their plan and made exactly what they wanted happen. But what those people don’t tell you is that even they had obstacles and they had to shift along the way. Sometimes it was an external one where they had to slightly change courses. Other times, though, it was an internal shift. One that forced them to look within before taking another step.

Those who kept the course made the conscious choice to stay on track no matter what perceived obstacles stood in their way. So when you see your obstacles, know that those are opportunities to reevaluate your path. One thing that you will learn along your journey is that you will constantly have to realign your priorities, your goals, yourself as you keep moving on your journey. Those who succeed have mastered this, and I know this is something you can do as well.

Action step

Instead of looking at our obstacles as insurmountable baggage, start viewing them as a way to realign yourself. Looking inward every time you come across something that seems impossible to pass will help you shift your view. You’ll see yourself in a different, more capable light. And you’ll view the obstacle as either an opportunity grow or an opportunity to change.

If someone or something is pulling you away from your pursuits, it’s not properly aligned energetically with what you are doing. Determine those obstacles that could potentially derail your progress and, after you’ve taken a deeper look at where you are currently, take a moment to examine the obstacle. Saying “no” to something – be it a job opportunity or whatever else – doesn’t equal failure or fear. Knowing what to say yes to is just as important as knowing what to say no to. So look at your obstacles as an opportunity to realign yourself with who and where you are right now. Then, those obstacles offer you the opportunity both change and grow.

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