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Seven Ideas to Focus on in the New Year

Welcome to your best year ever!! The celebration that happens during the first few days of January is a nice way to both wrap up the holidays and usher in a new beginning to our lives. We make plans for weight loss (or gain), new business opportunities, or set out on a path for our deepest dreams and desires.

Yet so many of us fall off the wagon and go back to what we did in years past.  But not this year! I want you to focus on the positive things in your life. The things you already have will help you achieve the things you want to get during the next twelve months.

I’m going to focus on seven ideas to help you get the things you want: innovate, grow, create, succeed, collaborate, serve and shift. You’ve heard these words before. But I believe that now is the time to put those ideas into action in your personal, professional and financial lives. Here’s how:

Find new ways to make money and save the money you already have. Tweak the “establishment” to cater to your priorities and your priorities- alone. We’re all beautifully weird, so you should focus on an individual approach to achieving whatever goals you set for this year. It’s okay; you can be different and still find success. Remember: let your freak flag fly!

Grow your business, your salary or your investments. Find opportunities in today’s environment and multiply your return on them. Look in places you never thought to look – be contrarian. Allow opportunities to pan out and just go where they take you. You’ll experience the most growth both personally and professionally by jumping on the wave and letting it ride.

Create solutions to the problems that you just can’t seem to figure out. If the road looks like a dead end, create your own path to the goal. Don’t be afraid to search for creative solutions to the problems you face.

Be your own success story. Every single step you take is one in the right direction. Don’t undermine what you’ve done because you haven’t made it to the end goal just yet. Give it time; each day is another paragraph in your own testimonial.

Join a team that’s going towards the goals that you are working toward. If you can’t find one, then build it yourself. Collaboration will help you grow, aide in your creativity and be helpful in your long-term success. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of other people.

As you find success, remember to give back. Serving humanity can be volunteering at a homeless shelter, walking dogs at the humane society, becoming a mentor or donating money to charity. It can also mean sharing your success story with others or encouraging your friends to follow their hearts.

Move up the ladder. Increase your awareness. Listen to your instincts. Follow your gut. Shifting means more than just changing your mindset; it’s moving to higher vibrations. As you get in touch with what’s in your heart space, that shift will become easier.

My promise to you
I resolve to give you creative solutions to your financial issues. I resolve to grow with you in your quest to a higher vibration. I’ll encourage collaboration among everyone reading this blog, and I’ll share success stories both here and on social media. We can serve humanity together by sharing our success with those around us, and not letting the setbacks discourage us.

This year, I want you to focus on these seven things. And we’ll tackle them together one at a time. Make this year the one that you act – consistently and deliberately – on the things that you truly desire.

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