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blog-imageIf you’re reading this blog, chances are you are looking for a way out. It could be as something as simple as a way out of a bad part time job or as a big as a financial hole that seems insurmountable. These problems can overtake you, turning even the simplest bad fortune to something so terrible that you don’t emotionally shut down. The way I see it, you have two choices: hoard negativity or attract abundance.

The person who stays in a negative situation – whether that is toxic relationships, a bad job situation or a home life that is destructive – will see those issues seeping out into the other areas of their lives. They’ll turn to alcohol in an irresponsible way for a release. They’ll spend time with people they know aren’t good for them just to “get away from it all.” They’ll lash out at their coworkers for the smallest things.

Is this what you want? To internalize the negativity in your life only for it to seep out into ways that aren’t just self destructive for you, but potentially others as well?

You are better than this. You deserve to surround yourself with people and things that serve your highest interest. What is your highest interest? It’s two-fold. First, it’s that big, audacious, outrageous goal for your life that you think is impossible. Like owning a million-dollar business or traveling around the country speaking to thousands of people and getting paid for it. For the average person, these things seem unattainable. But you and I both know that they’re not.

Second, it’s that nagging feeling that you’re not on the right the path. And I’m not just talking about professionally or financially. It’s the people you surround yourself with. As you begin to dip your toes in that life you’ve always wanted for yourself, you realize that a few (or maybe more than a few) of the people in your life now are no longer a good fit for this new direction in your life. It’s nothing personal – and you still care for and love them just the same – but you know that in order to fully embrace what is in store for you, you must let certain people go.

I know it’s scary to let go of the relationships you’ve built with people for years, but you must determine if they serve your highest interest. If so, hold on to them. They are invaluable to your success. If not? Decide what capacity you can handle them in your life and then go from there. Who you surround yourself with and who you choose to not spend a significant amount of time with are equally important to your success.

Action step

It’s time to focus on what serves your highest interest – personally, professionally and financially. The first step in this is to figure out who and/or what needs to be dropped. Excessive spending on unnecessary things. Negative self talk. Toxic relationships. Whatever your poison is, it’s time to let that go. Power up; determine who’s going to support you and who needs to be dropped.

The result of this may seem daunting at first. Lonely. Scary. Uncertain. But know this; the more you work towards your big goals, the more you will attract the things and people that serve your highest interest.

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