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Protect Your Assets-Position Yourself To Be Lucky

If you are a business owner, like me, you want to make sure you are protecting the assets of your business.   Make sure you have a great team of advocates in place to coach you on how to protect your business and personal assets that you have worked hard for.  I call this strategy “Positioning Yourself to Be Lucky”.  An attorney that I admire Alexis Martin Neely contributed to an article for Women Entrepreneur that is helpful from perspective that you don’t always get.  She is an attorney, entrepreneur, and successful business owner. Here is a link to the article…http://www.womenentrepreneur.com/2010/07/keep-more-of-what-youve-earned.html


  • This is great information for any business owner. All too often we are focused on building the business all the while ignoring basics such as the proper types of insurance coverage and the appropriate type of business entity for the company.

  • Julie Murphy Casserly says:

    Thanks Roger, I agree!