The Emotion Behind Money – eBook


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Not long after I started my firm, in 1995, I discovered something that was never taught in business school. It’s the notion that each of us has our own unique and personal relationship with money. It begins even before you get your first piggy bank or receive your first couple of bucks to buy ice cream, and over the years it changes very little. It may evolve ever so slightly as you leave home, join other communities and take on the responsibilities of a respectable tax-paying citizen, but, for the most part, your feelings about money have been imprinted on you practically from birth. Those emotions are responsible for how you make money and how you keep it, or how it seems to go out the door faster than it comes in. Those feelings actually influence how much money you’ll make throughout your entire life.

The bottom line is that wealth doesn’t come from managing your money. Wealth comes from managing the emotions behind your money.


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