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Positive self talk: trash vs. treasure

I talk a lot about dealing with the crabs in your bucket. Their negative words, actions or overall vibe can do some serious damage to our self image, dreams or big goals. The crabs like to tear you down by making jabs at the progress you’ve made, constantly attempting to knock you back down to their level.

Sometimes, though, we may be our own worst crabs. And I think that this has a big part in how we speak to ourselves. Our self talk is the gateway to what our future could hold. So often, we speak things into existence. If we tell ourselves that today will be a bad day, than it most likely will be. If we say we can’t go back to school to get a graduate degree, we’ll never even attempt it.

So, how do you talk to yourself? About your body? About your job? About your finances?

Speaking negativity into the universe nets you negativity in return. Cultivating wealth – inner as well as outer – can only happen when starting talking treasure instead of trash.

Action step

Take thinking positive a step further this week. When you have a positive thought about yourself, say it out loud. When someone gives you a compliment, thank them by repeating what they said to you. This opens you up to receiving.

Instead of “talking trash”, speak only treasure into your life. It may feel weird at first, but keep on speaking it into your life. Eventually, those positive words will turn into positive action. And those actions will be the foundation of creating the life of your dreams.

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