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Planting The Seeds For Your Financial Success

Memorial Day weekend always brings out the gardener in all of us.  Driving by a packed Home Depot parking lot this weekend it made me wonder if people are putting as much energy in planting and nurturing their “financial gardens”.

With the economy looking brighter, it is my hope that we all take a look at our financial buckets: Long Term, Midterm, and Short Term savings.  This is the perfect time to make sure that these buckets are positioned correctly and are aligned with what your dream, desires, and goals are.  Make sure to set Financial Intentions along with those goals.  You can set an intention like,” My long term bucket is in place to make sure I can retire at age 55″. Or, “I’ve got my short term bucket in place so my family and I can take that trip to Disney in a year”.

You don’t have to look at your buckets as another form of a “diet”. but more along the lines of cash flow management.

Plant your financial seeds and watch them grow!