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Own Your Personal Power

By November 5, 2014Blog


Do you realize how powerful you are? How your every breath, thought, step, emotion, idea and word changes the course of the universe?

Don’t believe me? Go an hour without speaking. Or a day without responding to phone calls and text messages from friends. Take a night off from tinkering with that thing you’d rather be doing than working all day.

We get too caught up in the dollars and cents of life. It’s all a numbers game. The rush of receiving a paycheck is quickly diluted by the crush of bills and debt. The promotion we so desperately need at work comes, but it’s not nearly enough to cover the lifestyle we’ve created. And our champagne tastes with our beer budget doesn’t even take into account the student loans, car note and maxed out credit cards we’ve accrued over the years.

What does this all have to do with your power?

In short: everything. You expend energy on worrying about your money. And that energy – usually negative or neutral, but never positive – could be used elsewhere. I’m talking about investing your time in the dreams you consider out of reach.

Not in the lifetime.

I could never do that.

Must be nice.

Stop this. Stop investing negative energy into both your money and your dreams. And you know what? Transfer your dreams into goals. Yes. Your dreams don’t have to be dreams; they can be reachable goals. They will be reachable goals once you make the choice to make that shift. Whatever your goals – not dreams – may be at the moment, start working at them now. And I’ll give you your first step.


Here it is: Change your mindset.

Let go of the shame, blame, judgement and guilt you carry about the things in your life. Start embracing your individuality, your mistakes, your crossroads, and your roadblocks. Start looking at your money as one of the ways you can empower yourself. Notice how I said “one of” and not “the only.” Read this closely: you are more than your income. You are more than your debt. You are more than your current financial situation – no matter how favorable or horrible.

You are a powerful human being with beautiful ideas, strong opinions and magnificent goals. Most importantly, the power you have is yours. Not your spouse’s, your parents’, your kids’. And especially not you money’s. So use that power to banish any negativity you have associated with your dreams being unattainable, and start empowering them as achievable and realistic goals.

Action step

Think about all of the ideas you have had over the years. Remember how excited you would get daydreaming about them while at the job you hate? What has kept you from acting on them?

Your passion is powerful. Turn that unbridled power into focused action. Break down what might need to be done to achieve your goals into bite size steps, anticipate obstacles and find a way to live your passion every day. Nothing – and I mean not one thing – will come between you and your passion unless you allow it to. Be present. Be persistent. Be powerful.

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