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We tend to hold on to things we think will make us better. Those size-smaller pants that we want to fit into one day. The personal finance books we’ll use when we make more money. The books we’ve read (or have been meaning to get to….) years ago.

In an effort to be the best version of ourselves, some of us become hoarders of the material things that we think will bring out the best of us. Yet, how often do those little motivational tactics turn into shameful reminders? Of what we meant to do or worse, what we’re not.

Giving yourself permission to let go of the things you use to “make yourself better” means also giving yourself permission to move forward regardless of how significant those losses may feel. Creating space in your current life is a foundational step in creating the ideal life you’ve desired but didn’t know how to make happen.

Cleaning house

January is a good month to create some space in your life – physically and emotionally. Creating physical space – getting rid of those not-so-great reminders – frees up space emotionally. Eliminating the clutter, the junk, the “what if’s” and “when’s” means letting go of a reality that’s decent and making the first step for the one you truly desire.

Why save the cleaning for spring when you can start now, at the beginning of the year, to get rid of the unnecessary clutter in your life. Starting with the things you need to eliminate is the easiest: clothes you haven’t worn in years, exercise DVD’s collecting dust, the old sofa you’ve been meaning to take out to the dumpster — or better yet, donate these things to charity for a tax deduction.

Once you’ve let go of a lot of the junk, you’ll be more cognizant of what you allow to flow into your life. Being more aware of the affect specific people, places and things have on you helps keep your life unpolluted and your finances in check. Creating space isn’t just an exercise in cleaning; it’s a lifestyle.

Action step

Creating space in your life is a great first step to making your dreams a reality. Don’t be afraid to let go things you’ve held on to for support; often times, the things that we kept in hopes of making us better are actually holding us back from our full potential. Start eliminating the clutter in your life today; raid your closet, sort through the stack of papers on your desk or clean out  whatever space needs some decluttering.

Removing the unwanted physical and emotional junk in your life creates the space for the true abundance you’ve been seeking. This foundational step will set you up for a future full of wealth and a reality you will love living.


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  • Loanne says:

    So well written and motivated me to do a major clutter clearing in my home. Piles of paperwork and magazines that I meant to read one day but never got round to, amongst many other things that are stagnant and needed to be cleared out in order for new things to come into my life. Really good reminder, thank you!,,,


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