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November 12, 2013

By November 12, 2013News

Introducing ChooseTo.com
We are constantly surrounded by financial experts telling us what to do with our money. The constant stream of advice comes out more like commands which leave us feeling paralyzed with only one option for our money. But when it comes to finances, one size does not fit all. Now is the time to be empowered by your money. And I believe in making financial choices that both improve your current life and fix your past one.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a new movement/campaign: Choose To. Let go of being a victim, and Choose To survive and then thrive. Dispense the crabs in your bucket and Choose To surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. Release the negative emotions you have about your money and Choose To see it at as a vehicle. The things you desire are within your grasp; it’s time to Choose To achieve them.

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