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Money as energy: directing your financial flow

Before I can sit down with someone and talk dollars and cents, we have to deal with the underlying issue of why. Why are their money troubles so severe? Why did they spend so much and save nothing? And why are they ready to really change now?

I know when someone is ready to make a permanent change. They’re focused on improvement; they know that it’ll take more than just cutting back here or there. It’s a change in their heart’s desires. And those who have decided to go with that change have a positive money energy.

A positive money energy enables your attitude of abundance. It’s what keeps you in check financially when other areas of your life aren’t going that well. And the more positive that energy is, the less you’ll dwell on how little material wealth you have or how to acquire more.

Want to know how to get some good money energy? Read on.

Focus on the positive

It’s easy to let negative thoughts overtake you, especially when you’ve become accustomed to only seeing the bad. So when you are feeling down, take a moment to focus on the positive. Thinking negatively will only lead to bad choices and financial sabotage.

Instead of allowing the negative things to cripple your money energy, focus on the positive. Look at your savings to actually see your hard work. Being proud of what you’ve accomplished so far keeps your money energy at a premium.

Don’t be a victim of your circumstance

As easy as it is to focus on the negative, it’s equally convenient to blame everyone or everything else for your current state. You had to buy a friend’s wedding gift! You had no idea your furnace was going to go out! Your transmission blew on you, and that wiped you out.

Take a second and think about those excuses. Yes, life happens. You never know when things will go wrong, and you’ll need to spend three or four figures to get an important thing fixed. But that shouldn’t mess with your energy. When you have a positive money energy, you’re constantly saving for the short-, mid- and long-term situations. Being a victim of an unexpected circumstance is a lot harder when you planned for emergencies.


Be open to the movement

You won’t be at your very best every moment of each day. Some days you’ll be tired.  Other days you’ll run into rough spots, like an inconvenient flat tire or nasty remark from a coworker. The key to not letting those moments get you down is to knowing that your energy is constantly moving. A dip in energy is normal, but allowing that dip to turn into a long-term mindset of negativity is where many people go wrong.

When you let yourself stay in that low place, you aren’t open to the eventual energy rising. You can’t always have this high, positive energy; but don’t let that devastate your progress. Maintain a level of awareness – a level-headedness about where you’re at. And always be ready to go with the flow of your energy levels.

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