Julie Murphy Casserly

Julie Murphy Casserly


Over the course of my career, I discovered something that was never taught in business school: each of us has our own unique and personal relationship with money.

It begins even before you get your first piggy bank and over the years it changes very little. It may evolve ever so slightly but for the most part, your feelings toward money are imprinted from birth.

This will influence how much money you’ll make throughout your entire life.

Unless you’re in touch with those emotions and understand the impact that they have on your financial behavior, and unless you take steps to change or heal some of those behaviors, you will not achieve the wealth and happiness you desire.

The bottom line is that wealth doesn’t come from managing your money. Wealth comes from managing the emotions behind your money.

It’s that simple.

Looking for a speaker for your next event? Take a look at a seminar I was asked to host. I speak to financial industry professionals, women in business and general audiences in front of a room or in a hands on training and group session.

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