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We live in a capitalist society. Everyone wants the best life can offer: big homes, flashy cars, expensive handbags and all the tech toys their money can buy. What you have is more important than who you are. And comparing ourselves to others isn’t an occasional passing thought; it’s a daily masochistic ritual.

Why do we do this to ourselves when we know that these things won’t make us happy? Envy and greed bring nothing but pain and sadness, yet we continue to allow those feelings into our hearts and heads. With this lack of substance permeated throughout our lives, it’s easy to forget the important stuff. Relationships. Peacefulness. Being happy.

Often, we look outward for those things. Why? Because that’s what the world tells us to do. You can’t possibly be happy without the latest iPhone. And there’s no way you know anything about true culture without a passport filled with stamps. So we work towards achieving what we think will bring us happiness. We want to be accepted by a certain person or group, so we conform to fit their standards. We want happiness, so we go for the thing that gives us that rush of adrenaline. However well intentioned we may be, attempting to fill your internal void through external means won’t work.

Do you realize that when you look to the world for a solution to your internal emptiness, you are giving things that don’t matter power of what really matters: you. The only person or thing that fill whatever void it is you are looking to fill is you, so start energizing yourself. Give yourself the permission, the control, and the power to make the choice of happiness, fulfillment and peace. When you do that, everything will improve.

Your work life, family life, personal life and spiritual lives will be in alignment. You’ll realize that those people that didn’t energize you in a positive way will fall back and make way for those who will breathe new energy into your life. But all of those things start with nurturing the most important relationship you will ever have: the one with yourself.

Action Step

Making connections with people is crucial. We live in a society that spends most of its time on an electronic device – working, playing and communicating. Though connecting with people through technology has helped industries evolve in magnificent ways, we’ve lost something more important: human interaction. In that same grain, we’ve also disconnected from our center. Getting lost in our Twitter and Facebook feeds have made is numb to our true feelings about ourselves.

This week, I want you to unplug from overstimulation. Put your phone on silent. Turn off your television. Release any anxiety related to work or school. Instead, meditate and find your center. Besides, the best way to truly connect with others is to be in tune with ourselves. So begin to make that head-to-heart connection and develop yourself internally. Remember, you get what you give. Allowing yourself to have peace of mind, clarity and to be truly fulfilled will net you great gifts.

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