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“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I talk a lot about making the choice to create the life you truly desire; you must tap into your authentic self in order to live with the purpose and passion designed specifically for you. Facing your current reality to create the new one you want, however, is much harder than advertised.

We start out with the best intentions. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a space of needing to start over. We want to create a new, better life for ourselves. We know that in order to do that, we must change the surroundings to the best of our abilities. So we go out and buy things that will help us get in a good mindset, but we don’t eliminate the things keeping us hostage in our old ones. So our collection of things – whether it’s material stuff, hobbies or people – grows much faster than it dwindles.

We accumulate relationships that may not be the best for us because we don’t want to be lonely. Our closet is full of clothes that still have the tags on them. We are constantly searching for space because we are surrounded with clutter.

Let’s be honest. Very few items you purchase are going to fill whatever void you’re trying to fill. Collecting a lot of stuff creates a false sense of happiness and security. Let go of everything in your life that doesn’t serve your best interest. To put it another way, focus on creating the space you need to cultivate only the most positive, supportive and productive environment imaginable.

Action step

If you feel like you’re an accumulator, take time these next few weeks to work on emotionally and physically letting go. What’s weighing you down? Who are the crabs in your bucket? What stuff can you get rid of for a more streamlined and focused life? Answers those questions, and act accordingly. A passionate, purposeful life begins with releasing what’s not necessary and cultivating the things that are.

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