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The 3rd and final installment of this blog series is not about money, per se, but about overall life abundance or plentifulness.  The journey to abundance evokes all different kinds of emotions along the way.  Some of those emotions make you feel good and some not-so-good. If you seek wisdom from your mothers about achieving abundance, you  may get the sense that they no longer “sweat the small stuff”.  Many times they have re-evaluated what wealth looks like to them in their own lives and choose to be more present in the day-to-day joys of life rather than the accumulation of things.
What has your mother taught you about abundance that you can take with you on your own journey?  It has taken me some time to get there but my version of abundance is true harmony between my personal, family, financial, and my professional life.

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday this week, cherish the wisdom you have received from your mother and use those lessons to redefine what abundance looks like in your own life.
I wish all the Mothers out there the happiest of Mothers Day and a life of true abundance!