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Increasing Your Bottom Line In Your Business

It’s obvious that in order to grow our respective business’ we need to increase our bottom line.  For many business owners the question is “Where do I start?”.  Here are some useful and powerful tips to grow your bottom line and achieve the kind of dreams and desires you deserve for yourself and your business.

1).Choose To

Decide what your financial priorities are in your business and choose to take out those cash outflows that don’t support your financial priorities.  When you make the decision to “choose to versus” “have to” you are taking one more step towards owning your personal power of your money.

2). You’re Fired!

Fire those clients and/or customers that are not profitable to your business.  By doing this you create the space for your ideal client/customer to come into your firm or business and bring you higher revenues.  It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

3). Cash vs…Credit

Pay down debt in conjunction with building cash reserves,so you don’t have to rely on debt in the future.  Clean up and pay off your past choices without shame, guilt, and judgment to move forward and increase profitability in your business.

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