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In search of your authentic self

What makes you smile like this?

Kids are experts at expressing their Inner Wealth in their everyday actions. They haven’t learned to doubt of judge themselves and their dreams, so they live life with a vibrancy that is often lost on us grown-ups.

Though that zest for each day has waned as bit as we’ve gotten older, you can still get it back. Child-like enthusiasm about your life is neither childish nor immature. It is, however, a requirement for living your ideal life – that life you dream about while doing the things you don’t enjoy.

So this week, instead of wracking your brains about what you think will make you happy, start asking yourself more concrete questions. And the one I want you to start with is this one:

If money was no object, what would you be doing right now?

It’s an oldie goodie, yet it is the best indicator of what is really bubbling up inside. Of course money is an issue, and – for better or worse – many of us always have some sort of money thought or feeling lingering most times of the day. But to pinpoint what really fuels your desires and gives you that childlike enthusiasm about life, you should probably take money out of the equation.

Think about the things you are absolutely passionate about doing day in and day out. And when you’re considering what those things are, only take into account what makes you happy today. Some things may have made you happy in the past but they no longer serve you now, and that’s okay.

Reach for that childlike enthusiasm. Be honest and open. Instead of searching aimlessly for your ideal life, intentionally be your authentic self. Happiness is a choice, and you can make it happen right now.

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