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Work/Life balance is something that we all struggle with daily.  The million dollar question is “Can we have it all?”.

In work with my clients, and in my own life, I work on strategies to answer that age-old question.  Having it all boils down to one thing, owning the choices we make every day.  If we can create a safe and encouraging support system around us to balance everything that we want and have than I do believe that you can, in fact, have it all.

Finding balance in work life, family life, personal life, and our financial life is what I believe the key to having it all.  In work with my clients, I have them look at something called a “Life Navigation Wheel” which I created (email me if you would like one, I’m happy to send you one).  This wheel has them look at the different areas of life that we all have to balance and I help them find what the center of that wheel looks like.  This enables me to put together a financial road map to help them achieve the true balance in life that they deserve.

Having it all looks different to each and every one of us, but with the right strategies and support in place I believe the answer to that burning question is…YES!