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We all have emotions tied up in our finances. Many times, we come at our money from an attitude of scarcity. When we’re in a scarcity mode of thinking, our view is negative. We can’t apply for that new job because we don’t have enough experience. We’re can’t improve our finances because we don’t have enough money. A scarcity mindset focuses on the negative, making the positive impossible.

Instead of an attitude of scarcity, I want you to have an attitude of abundance about your money. What is an attitude of abundance? Well, it’s seeing the glass as half full; it’s having an abundance of optimism and positivity. You can go after that promotion because you know you have earned it and will excel. You can change your financial karma because it will bring peace and harmony to your life.

You don’t sell yourself short

Once you ditch your scarcity mindset and embrace your attitude of abundance, you realize your true worth. You stop thinking about the things you can’t do, and you focus on what you can. You know your worth, so you’re not afraid to step out there and try something that seems unrealistic.

The possibilities are real when you have an abundance attitude. Your scarcity mindset puts you in a place of negativity; you see your roadblocks as impenetrable barriers rather than stepping stones. You can excel in any position you put yourself with an attitude of abundance, so no more selling yourself short.

You make big goals and know how to reach them

You want to get out of debt, and you decide to eliminate all of it by a certain date. This is a very big goal. Under normal circumstances, you’d become overwhelmed with the enormity of it all and give up. But with an attitude of abundance, you know that big goals are actually a series of smaller goals.

You set yourself for failure in a scarcity mindset because you only see the big picture. With your attitude of abundance, you work towards the smaller goals and know that you move closer to the ultimate goal with each small victory.

You are good to yourself

With your abundance attitude, you engage in positive self-talk. You repeat affirmations to yourself daily. And you wouldn’t sabotage your hard work by excessive spending. In an attitude of scarcity, you would put your finances in jeopardy because you think it’s what you need to do.

The scarcity mindset tells us that our true heart desires aren’t possible. It tells us that being good to ourselves means spending more than we have; after all, we need to keep up with our coworkers and neighbors right? No.

With an attitude of abundance, you are not limited by a scarcity mindset. You make decisions that are in line with your true heart desires. Focusing on what you can do and letting go of what’s not possible will put you in a place of incredible abundance.

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