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Harmonize your Financial,Family and Personal worlds

By June 22, 2009Uncategorized

Many of those I have counseled over the years are filled with shame, blame and guilt. Often times this is because they are dedicating too much of themselves to one area of their life. If you focus on the financials, you are likely at the office for the majority of the day, and then feeling guilty for missing out on quality time with family and friends. When your life is off-balance, happiness will never be achieved. An important step on your financial journey to happiness and abundance is to define your ideal life from every aspect. Once you acknowledge what this is, create a personalized plan to realize these ideals.

In closing, abundance isn’t just money. It’s also about tapping into what you truly value –joy, hope, honesty, love and compassion. Find your inner desire, follow it and you will truly have it all — money and happiness!

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