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Happiness Starts From Within

By April 29, 2015Blog


Happily ever after. It’s usually attached to a fairy tale. A prince charming. And an ending wrapped in a bow. But real life isn’t always that simple, and reality can make even the best situation seem unbearable at times.

So, we eat. Or drink. Or spend money on things that we’ll never wear, never see again and frankly just don’t want. Because swiping the credit card for that new dress is easier than dealing with the real, underlying issue: our unhappiness.

When we aren’t happy, we tend to look around us at the external things in our lives to find happiness. But we must remember that happiness isn’t defined by stuff. The material things you own have nothing to do with what’s truly going on inside.

What we often fail to do is look inward to get to the bottom of our unhappiness and learn to rely on ourselves to manifest our ideal life. That’s right: when we’re unhappy, the only one that can’t change that is us.

You have to be happy on your own. There isn’t a shortcut. But it is a choice. When you choose happiness over anger, peace over discontent and self love over self loathing, you open yourself to life’s great pleasures. It helps you see the opportunities in front of you. And it helps you discover your true and honest authentic self.

Action step

When was the last time you bought something out of frustration? Anger? Sadness? I bet I know what happened when you got home: disappointment. In yourself and the way you acted. And now you have this new thing that was supposed to make you feel better, but you now resent.

This is no way to live. You deserve a life filled with experiences that feed you, a job that empowers you and material things that are just additions to a reality you already love.

Choose to accept that your happiness depends on your outlook, your actions and your willingness to make the best of each day. Once you decide to be happy – regardless of what you do or do not have currently – everything else will fall into place.

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