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Good Things Come to Those Who Act

By April 16, 2015Blog

make-it-countGood things come to those who wait.

We’ve heard it. We’ve used it on our kids. And we may have even practiced it ourselves a time or two. It’s a quote on patience, and it’s quite a valuable one.

But it’s not always necessarily true.

Depending on the situation, patience is great. It helps us pass the time during the mundane; distracts us during things we dislike; and survive the moments we feel like we won’t make it another ten seconds.

When it comes to our lives – specifically, our big and important goals – we eventually have to stop waiting and start doing.

For those of you afraid to take that jump, I understand. It’s one thing to put yourself in a position to pursue the things you’ve always wanted. It’s a totally different situation to actually change your life. Why? Because funneling away a few hundred dollars a month doesn’t drastically change your life. Neither does going to a few networking events a month or even an extended vacation to test out our idea.

No. The real change – the scary change – comes when you have enough money saved to quit your job and open your restaurant. Or when your graduate school acceptance letter comes in the mail and you have to decide whether to actually do it or not.

Action is an ongoing process. It doesn’t eventually just fade into the background as you achieve the goal. And that’s mainly because goals aren’t one-dimensional. Once you hit the goal, you get there and realize that there are other steps you need to take once you’ve gotten there. Namely – the steps that appear when you’ve reached the top of the hill and realize there’s a mountain behind it.

Action step

Ideas are great. Dreams are even better. But the only thing that will net results is action.

With that said, you should be so proud of yourself at this moment because you’ve laid a solid foundation for those dreams. Not only have you gotten the material things in order to make your authentic life truly possible, you’ve rewired your mindset. Now, you know what it takes to make this happen because you’ve done it. You’ve proven to yourself that you can accomplish things that are outside of the box. The next step, however, is the real game changer.

You’ve put yourself in a better position to achieve your goals. You feel positive, energetic and encouraged by the changes you’ve made to improve upon your life, but something’s missing. The opportunities and breaks don’t seem to be presenting themselves. Stop waiting and start pursuing. Good things come to those who take action. Set your sights on what you desire and go for it!

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