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Get on and Stay on the Path of Financial Success!

Clients often ask me to coach them on how to get on, and more importantly, stay on the path of financial success. Below are a few tips on setting up a successful plan that will work for YOU.

  • Get Rid of what I call “The Crabs in Your Bucket” – These are people who support your current financial reality.  If you have friends who are huge spenders and use credit cards all the time, be sure to go shopping with those who actually pay cash for items.
  • Build what I call your “Personal Board of Directors” – These are people who support the dreams and desires you have.  Think of them as your financial mentors.

  • Determine your financial desires – Think about what you truly want out of life.  This is not just about finances or wealth accumulation.  What are you passionate about and what makes you happy?

  • Support your intentions financially – Once you have determined your desires, open up accounts that support these dreams.  Position yourself to be lucky by automatically putting money into these accounts each month.  Save for your dreams first and spend what is left.

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