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Find wealth in your every day life


Picture this: you’re financially comfortable yet professionally bored. Your personal relationships leave more than a little to be desired and you feel like something is missing. You feel like there’s a hole – you feel empty – yet on paper, everything is seems ideal.

Having money doesn’t mean you are truly wealthy, and none know that better than those who have a few dollars in the bank. It’s much more difficult to talk about what’s troubling you when people consider your life to be effortless. On the surface, your life seems great – even easy – to those around you. They write off your opinions as that of a person with little life experience and your setbacks as those of one who “has it made.” Nothing is more frustrating when the people you consider friends view your life as simple in a negative way.

But what about you? How do you feel about where you are in your life right now? No matter what material success you can claim in this world, no one’s life is easy. That includes yours. Creating wealth requires a lot of sacrifice, determination and vision. That’s why there are tons of finance books out there dedicated to making your first million or getting rich in 30 days. Maintaining and growing wealth, however, are tasks just as difficult and time intensive. You don’t just move onto Easy Street when you have X amount of dollars in the bank; we still must invest time into our emotional growth and satisfaction.

Action step

Be rich in what you value, not what society values. Like I said before, having money and being wealthy don’t always go hand in hand. What do you love? What makes you laugh with childlike enthusiasm? What excites you?

This week, spend time exploring hobbies, interests and other activities that you truly enjoy. Delve into your free time with the same focus that you do in business. Take seriously those hobbies that you squeeze in between business meetings and must-do tasks. Money doesn’t equal happiness, but having money puts you in a unique position to create something better for yourself immediately. Delve into your enthusiasm – your happy place – and create a life that’s both rich and wealthy.

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