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Find harmony to achieve your dream life


Dreamers sometimes get a bad rap. Family and friends don’t always understand the big ideas you have, and they definitely don’t see how you plan to implement them. But I don’t believe that’s a fair assessment. I believe that dreams are an essential part of determining your ideal life. Our dreams help guide us towards the things that we truly desire.

So, what kind of dreamer are you?

You may constantly have new ideas on ways to improve your life like starting different businesses or pinning new travel destinations. Maybe you have a specific dream that won’t go away like relocating to a new city and changing careers. Or maybe, you just dream to dream; you view it as an escape from your daily life and you love the thoughts that pass your mind.

Whatever category of dreamer you fall into remember that there’s nothing wrong thinking about other, loftier options. You were given those desires because you are capable of achieving them. Sure, it may not sound possible now – having (and affording) another baby, opening that bakery, writing that great American novel – but most thing truly are achievable with some life organization.

You see, those dreams come from your core and they’re a direct reflection of your authentic self. All the other area of your life – personal, professional, family and financial – surrounds that core. When your family life is aligned with your true self, you don’t let their opinions about you determine what you do or believe. Your work life will no longer be the defining factor of your purpose. Your personal life will be in harmony with your true desires, so you will pursue actually pursue those lofty goals and “over-the-top” dreams.

When your financial life is guided by your true self, you won’t surrender your personal power to money. Happiness will no longer be something you can purchase, and the value you place on yourself will have nothing to do with the dollar amount in your bank account. A bonus here is that you will have the money to fund those dreams because your relationship with yourself and your money will be healthy enough to make that happen.

Remember, you achieve the right relationship with your core when you allow the four areas of your life to function in sync with who you really are. Dreaming allows you to discover the best part of yourself. The dreamer in you should work in harmony with every other area of your life in order to turn those thoughts into actions and then into your reality.

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