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Financial Life Lessons Part 1-Be True To Yourself

Not long after I started my financial planning firm in 1995, I discovered something that was never taught to me in business school.  It’s the notion that every person has their own unique and personal relationship with money.  I consistently saw how my clients’ emotions were responsible for how they made money, how they kept it, or conversely, how they accumulated debt.

Therefore, I’ve made it my mission, and have built a successful practice, on delving into the emotion and psychology behind my clients’ monetary issues.  I’ve found that by digging deep and really understanding my clients, I am able to put them on a financial path that is right for them, and only them.

It’s my hope that everyone discovers financial abundance by opening their eyes to the possibilities of a new reality– a reality filled with happiness, prosperity and inner peace.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years:

Be true to yourself.

Answer this question: What is the most important thing in your life?  Is it your spouse, kids, siblings, parents, your health, career, hobby, pets? Now think about how you are currently living your life.  Are the two consistent?  For much of my life, I was living a life of inconsistency and could have manifested happiness (and wealth) much faster had I listened to my inner compass.
Open your world to the possibility that you can achieve your innermost desires and dreams. And don’t let anything stop you from reaching these goals. Whether it’s starting your own business, becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, or traveling the world, find this passion and live it.