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In my work with clients one of the most difficult challenges that I face is helping them overcome their financial fears.  I find that when people areparalyzed by fear of the unknown, and when it comes to their finances, it causes them to make choices based on scarcity, not abundance.  Many times people find that the emotions about their financial past can make them fearful about their financial future.
Move forward from your financial past without blame or judgment and look at your current financial reality.  How do you feel?  If you are feeling fearful or overwhelmed, what can you choose to change in your current cash flow that put you on the right track to overcome that fear?  For instance, take a look at your cash flow, is there anything that you can shift from spending to saving?  Even if it is just a little, you are directionally correct. 
Choose to overcome those fears and move forward towards the life you dream and desire!

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