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Facing your fears to flourish in your future

Life is a series of choices. We go through the days choosing what we want to do, what we think we should do, what we need to do and what we think will be the best option for right now and possibly in our future. But, when presented with a choice between a safe option and a scary one, do you choose based on what’s right for you or what keeps you in your comfort zone?

For many people, the deciding factor is fear. We want to pursue a graduate degree to switch or improve our careers, but we’re afraid. We want to take our first solo vacation, but we’re afraid to go it alone for a week in an unfamiliar place. We want to create a better financial future, but we’re afraid to change what we are doing for fear of failure.

How often do you find yourself afraid of the future? Afraid to take a risk because of what might happen? It’s pretty common for people to forgo the road less traveled for the safer bet of the one they’re already comfortably navigating. Yet, many find themselves unhappy within that comfort but too afraid to test the waters of doing something different

Being afraid of the future may mean you’re letting your past hold you back. Failures in years gone by and the shame, disappointment and guilt associated with them can leave us with negative feelings. Instead of learning and growing from the mistakes of our past, we let it stifle us. Taking risks terrifies us to the point of inaction, and we find ourselves in an unhappy, unfulfilled place.

Luckily, each day is another opportunity to change your life for the better. So today, make it a point to face your fear. Don’t allow the sandbags in your life to let you sink. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being afraid as long as you don’t allow fear to stop you from pursuing your passions.

Action step

We all have fears. The difference is how each of us copes with that fear. Don’t let the fear you have stop you from from pursing our goals – financial or otherwise. Pick the option that propels you towards them, and let go of the sandbags keeping you in place. So what’s holding you back?

This week, think about the things in your life that are weighing you down. Consider moments when you declined an opportunity that may have opened a door for you. Or reminisce on times when you decided against doing something potentially fun or interesting because you were afraid.

Write some of those experiences down on a piece of paper and think about why you truly said “no” to them. Facing the fears that crippled you in your past and have a hold on you presently will help you overcome them in your future.

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