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Facebook contest WINNERS!

By October 19, 2012Books and CD's

Remember my Facebook LIKE contest? Well thanks to you, I’ve have far exceeded my original goal of 700 likes and am now over 1300! The prizes are three of my favorite books listed below. I cannot thank everyone enough for joining this community of financial healing. I know that together we can financially heal not only ourselves but the world!

Here are the winners:





Deepak Chopra’s Power, Grace and Freedom: As I recently shared, I had the great honor of speaking with him a few weeks ago at an OWN TV taping. He has truly created an incredibly supportive and uplifting community for millions around the world. This book dives into what true happiness, and how we can tap into our consciousness to attain it. It’s not a quick fix, but his words and ideas will be an excellent aide in the beautiful inward journey to your real happy place.


Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled is a personal favorite; it helped me manifest my dreams of owning a business, writing a book and becoming a respected speaker. And now, all of those things are my reality. We are all capable of being great, and this book will help connect with your highest self in order to live a great life.


Pop an aspirin every time you have a headache? Worried about an inconclusive medical test result you recently received? So many of our physical pains are linked to emotional issues we are grappling with. Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body will have you searching for answers to your ailments in places other than your medicine cabinet. Healing your body through some simple (or not so simple) life changes is possible, and this book is an excellent guide to where that pain initiates and why it’s bothering you.

Congrats to Cynthia, Jill, Tess and Caroline! To redeem your prize, shoot me a Facebook message with your mailing address. And thanks again to everyone who is a part of this community!


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