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Debt. It controls our lives if we let it. I like to call it financial drama as it can often cause us to act out through or bank accounts. Once we dig ourselves out of that financial hole, we find ourselves right back in debt weeks or months later because we haven’t really addressed our past emotions behind the reasons we spend.

♥ Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
♥ Do you feel as if you’re in the midst of financial drama?
♥ Do you have more debt than you want?
♥ Do you feel financially stuck?
♥ Are you ready to transform and take action?

Let’s talk about how we can begin to heal from our financial pasts and begin to design our lives according to our soul’s purpose.


Most people are stuck in jobs they strongly dislike and feel obligated to stay because they have a mortgage, kids, bills and student loans and credit card debt. We stay put because of fear and a lack of understanding about steps you can take to become unstuck.

♥ Are you unhappy in your job or career?
♥ Do you want to earn more money doing something you love?
♥ Do you want a career that supports the lifestyle you desire?
♥ Are you ready to do what’s necessary to make real change?

Join me to talk about why we stay in jobs that make us unhappy, what we can do about it and how we can pursue careers that fulfill us completely.