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blog-imageLet’s talk about priorities. Financially speaking, what you do with your cash directly affects your life in several ways. Of course, your day-to-day expenses and monthly bills come from that well. And then there are the fun things: dinners with friends, weekend get aways, the yoga classes, etc.

When you’ve paid your bills, put some away for savings, and had a little fun, what do you do with the rest of your money? Or, more importantly, do you have any money left? That’s why this week, I want to talk about empowering your cash flows for the things in your life that you’ve been dreaming about.

Your dreams don’t have to just be something that “would be nice to have one day.” No. Dreaming about things you’d love to pursue or are passionate about can actually be a great start to a more financially directed path. And as you start to go after the things you love and attain them, you’ll realize that those dreams can evolve into something that you weren’t expecting when you first set out for them. I should know, because it happened to me.

I’m truly passionate about sailing. In 2012, I decided to sell my sailboat. I know what you’re thinking; why let go of something that I not only worked so hard to get, but also love and am passionate about. Because my priorities changed. I had two toddlers at the time and a third on the way. It was time to spend the time at the beach with my children and not on the boat with the grownups. I decided to become focused on my children.

Did this mean I gave up my dreams? Not really. Nothing is more valuable to me than being a mother. And spending time on the beach with my kids instead of on the sailboat allowed me to live out my dream of being with the people I love the most.

Here’s where my dream of sailing never actually died. I didn’t choose to give it up totally; I chose to give up paying for it monthly. What’s the difference? For Mother’s Day, I received a Groupon to sail all summer long. And guess what? I didn’t have the $2,000 per month boat payment coming out of my cash flow.

Action step
So you’ve decided to make one of your dreams a priority in your life. You’ve set the intention for your cash flow, empowered it to create space and have found yourself in possession of whatever dream you desire. Now what? Ride the wave. Enjoy what you’ve created, but be open to letting your dreams shift.

As humans, we’re constantly evolving. I want to tell you that it’s totally fine to work incredibly hard to make a big dream happen. It’s also okay to get that dream, enjoy it for a bit, and realize that you need a change. Our dreams – our lives – are constantly shifting; this week, I want you to take a look at where your life has taken you since you’ve made your dream come true. Are you still in the same space for that dream, or is it time to move in a different direction and focus on a new and improved dream?

Remember when I shifted my dreams to be more aligned with my life now, I still got to feed my heard while reducing my cash outflow. It’s about looking at your money and your dreams through a different lens. The package may not come how you expect it to roll, but you have to feed your heart while also reducing financial drama.

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