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Don’t have a budget. Set a strategic plan.

As we settle into the new year, there is a lot of talk out there in the webisphere about the “B” word – budget.  The thing is, once people hear the word “budget”, they freak out.  It’s a scary word that for many people brings up fearful and guilty emotions.

We’re not going to talk about the scary “B” word; because I’m going to give you the “no budget plan”.  Approach your life with a strategic plan.   A budget only takes numbers and your financial life into account.  A strategic plan takes your whole life into account – financial, work, personal, family and more importantly, your life’s purpose.    A strategic plan is setting intentions for all facets of your life and moving towards them.

Here are my 4 steps to the “no budget” plan.

1-PICTURE WHAT YOU REALLY WANT Ask yourself what do you keep saying you want in your life but never happens?  Is it a vacation, no more credit card debt, etc.?  It doesn’t have to be practical.

2-AWAKEN YOUR PASSION AND PURPOSE Make a conscious effort to move your cash flow toward the items that you really truly love and want in your life.  This will make you feel happier and make you stick to a specific financial plan.

3-LET GO OF THE GUILT Understand that it is ok that you have debt, or don’t have enough money to take a vacation.  Don’t beat yourself up about it or let these negative thoughts keep you from implementing a new plan.

4-CREATE A STRATEGIC PLAN Create a plan to express your authentic self in your financial behavior.

So don’t be afraid!  Create your strategic plan and start moving your whole life in the direction you want!

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