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Discover matches American Express as America’s Favorite Credit Card

By August 28, 2014News

news-imageAlmost everyone has a credit card today to help with personal finance, which means some credit cards are going to be better than others. American Express finally has some competition after topping the list of America’s favorite credit cards for the last seven years. Discover tied American Express for the top spot on the list this year, according to J.D. Power’s yearly report on credit card satisfaction.

20,000 credit card customers were surveyed based on their satisfaction of their experience with their card issuer that asked questions on their terms and conditions, interaction with customers, billing and payment policies, rewards programs, resolution of cardholder issues and other services offered. Both companies received scores of 819 out of 1,000.

It seems as though the key to success for both American Express and Discover is extremely effective and accessible customer service, especially when it comes to getting a human representative on the phone, online or via available mobile apps. Across the countries 10 biggest card issuers, the average satisfaction score was 778 this year – a record high that was up from 767 last year.

Much of the increase seen in ratings is likely due to issuers piling on rewards, hoping to differentiate themselves from competitors, says Jim Miller, senior director of banking services at J.D. Power.

Since the pool of creditworthy Americans without a card is growing smaller, issuers need to attract customers away from each other to succeed in growing their customer base. It seems to be working as 10 percent of customers said they switched card issuers this year – up from 8 percent last year.

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